Are You Ready to Break Free From the Chains That Are Holding You Back?​

One-on-One Coaching to Help You Stop Self Sabotaging and Live Your Best Life

Mindset Empowerment

Make the Most of Your Potential


Unleash Your Full Potential! Overcome Self-Sabotage, Self-Doubt, and Negative Self-Image!

Imagine a life where self-sabotage, self-doubt, and negative self-image no longer have power over you


Let’s Face It – self-sabotage can be a sneaky little monster that lurks within us all. It’s that voice in our heads that whispers, "You’re not good enough," or "You’ll never succeed." But guess what? You ARE good enough, and you CAN achieve greatness! By recognizing and conquering self-sabotaging behaviors, you can open doors to endless possibilities. The impact of self-sabotage is not limited to your personal life – it can seep into your professional endeavors too. Imagine missing out on dream opportunities because you doubted your abilities or undermined your own potential. It’s time to silence the doubts and embrace your true worth. You deserve to thrive in your career and make significant strides towards your goals!


The effects of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and negative self-image can be far-reaching. They can hinder personal relationships, prevent personal growth, limit career advancement, and stifle creativity. But remember – YOU have the power to break free from these chains!

Negative Self Image

Negative self-image can be another powerful force that holds you back from living your best life. When you constantly criticize yourself, it becomes difficult to see your true value and present your best image to the world. But let me tell you something – YOU are incredible just as you are! By shifting your perspective, cultivating self-acceptance and upgrading your style, you can unleash your limitless potential.

The mission of L.F.I Coaching & Development is to help individuals overcome obstacles and realize their dreams by encouraging them to live courageously and authentically and by empowering them to transform how they view themselves.

Headshot of Wil

I Was Right There With You...​

Coach Wil Strayhorn, Transformational Coach

I understand how you feel. For years I wanted more out of life, but I didn’t have a clue how to get it. I was dazed and confused, struggling with imposter syndrome and I was scared. I felt like my chance to live a great life was shrinking with each passing day. But then everything changed when I finally reached out for help.

With a coach by my side, I finally understood where I was going wrong and what changes would make it right. The difference in my life was so profound that I eventually became a certified coach and have been helping people throughout the world unlock their potential and live a life they love. It would be an honor to do the same for you.
Working with me will provide you with the following benefits:

Develop your self-belief, self-image, confidence, and resilience in order to face and overcome challenges.
Overcome your perfectionist tendencies.
Recognize your individual values and strengths.
Make life/personal/professional goals.
Develop a vision and mission for your career and/or life based on your passions.
Find clarity in your life’s path so that you can pursue your passions.
Overcome the “Imposter Syndrome” tendencies.
Develop the skills and resources you need to achieve your goals and go through a “transformation without boundaries” for the next phase of your life.


My credentials and certifications include: 

A Master of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling (Life Coaching), A Master of Science degree in Marketing (Digital Marketing & Advertising), A Bachelor of Science in Communication, and an Associate of Science in Social Sciences. I’ve earned advanced certifications in Professional & Advanced Life Coaching, Marriage Coaching, and Financial Coaching, I studied in the Personal Style program at New York Institute of Art & Design. I have professional certifications as a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) and Certified Organizational Development Coach.

Signature Coaching ProgramS

RENEW YOU, LOVE YOUR LIFE - 3 Month Coaching Program


Change is a process, and transformation is an internal process. More significantly, in this 1-on-1 program, I will teach you a proven procedure to completely transform your life from the inside out. It will give you tested and useful methods to successfully generate life change.

In my RENEW YOU, LOVE YOUR LIFE program, I’ll personally guide you along the path from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll uncover your true goals, unlock your motivation, overcome obstacles, build your confidence, and equip you with the skills to live a life by your own design. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

Do you wish to advance in your life to a higher level?


My 13-week group coaching program “Total Transformation” is the perfect choice if you’re ready to liberate yourself from yourself and materialize your greatest ambitions by changing your life from the inside out. This is for those who have a clear idea of the life they want but are unable to move past it. This program is for you if you are aware that something is preventing you from moving forward but are unsure of what it is.

Live coaching calls, Unlimited Email, Phone, and Messaging Support:, and transformational homework assignments are part of each week.

Custom Coaching Packages

My customized packages live up to their name.

They are created especially for you and you alone.

Crafted to maximize your potential, bolster your strong points, and enable you to exude confidence like the formidable individual you truly are.

You and I jointly create this, specifically tailored to fit your movement patterns and, most importantly, your particular needs.

A complimentary Jump-Start Strategy Session marks the beginning of this exciting journey. 

Because it’s a Custom Package, it means that it’s perfect for YOU.

In addition, we’ll create a package that best suits your budget and, if necessary, work out a payment schedule for you.

Ready to Live a Life You Love?

Three Steps Between You and Your Best Life

Book Your Discovery Call

Click the button below to book your free Jump-Start Strategy Session

Create the Plan

I’ll help you map out a step-by-step plan to clarify what you want and how to get it

Live Your Best Life

Together we’ll put the plan into action each week and create a life you’ll love!

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