PREPARE/ENRICH is one of the most highly researched assessment tools used for pre-engagement, premarital, marriage, and couples coaching.

We welcome couples of all ages, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds.

We currently provide the top relationship skill-building program in the world: Get Ready—Improve.

A personalized online evaluation called Prepare-Enrich helps couples identify their areas of strength and progress. It is one of the most popular programs for premarital counseling and education, with over 4 million couples using it.

It is also utilized by dating couples who are thinking about getting engaged, as well as for marriage enrichment and counseling. In order to finish the inventory on their own, each partner must respond to over 200 questions.

A facilitator works with a couple to help them comprehend and discuss their results while teaching them proven relationship practices. These sessions usually consist of four to six feedback sessions, depending on the outcomes of the couple’s assessment.

Over thirty years, PREPARE-ENRICH was created and improved. PREPARE/ENRICH has been shown via extensive research to be incredibly helpful in identifying and illustrating the strengths and challenges of relationships.

As a facilitator accredited by PREPARE-ENRICH, Wil Strayhorn uses this assessment method to quickly ascertain a couple’s requirements, minimizing the amount of time wasted “figuring out what seems to be a problem.” A ten-page profile filled with graphs, charts, and diagrams that allow the couple rapidly understand in full color what they have been attempting to figure out and improve is especially helpful to them.

Please visit their website at for additional information on PREPARE-ENRICH

About the program

The program is customized for different life stages. We can support you and your partner if you are dating, engaged (living apart or together), married, planning to marry and have children from a previous relationship, or if you have been married/committed for some years and are seeking to strengthen your relationship.

This program is not appropriate for couples experiencing family violence.

Common topics include:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Partner style and habits
  • Financial management
  • Leisure activities
  • Affection and sexuality
  • Family and friends
  • Relationship roles

How is the program provided?

First, we’ll send you and your partner a questionnaire each, to help you both think about all the different parts of your relationship, your life goals and your personal views and values. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.

You’ll then attend 4-6 sessions together with a professional facilitator, where you’ll learn more about the program, complete some basic relationship and safety assessments, and be supported to talk about your shared values, ideals, expectations and any issues that may need attention.

These sessions can be provided online or face-to-face in a agreed upon location.

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